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A simple way to publish LIVE results

What is equi-score.com?

Sport is about performance and of course the result is interesting. You can not always be there live to experience the events with their flair. The most important events are televised with their top competitions but these are usually only a few hours. Thanks to companies like ClipMyHorse, they are now on selected events throughout the whole day, including a show program and interviews. But what about all the others?

In order to fill this gap, the Internet has become increasingly popular in recent years. Result lists as a finished PDF are already part of the standard. More and more often, the start and result lists are published and depending on the system you are also able to follow the competition "live". This is certainly convenient for the spectator, but also for the showoffice, because they are effectively relieved. Who does not know the questions: "When am I on?".

A good system for publishing start and result lists is easy to use and thus relieves the show office. This is exactly what the platform equi-score.com does. The tool is not the tenth version of a results platform. It is a tool for the stressed showmoffices, which are usually the first on the showground and leave this last evening. equi-score.com removes the work of publishing the start and result lists in a simple, intuitive way. Just like on the big shows, lists can be made online, competitions can be updated live on the Internet and the course graphics uploaded.

The system of equi-score.com has been developed for the equestrian sports in 2006 and was used until the end of 2009 exclusively by two international service providers. Further development in relation to Toris and the VOLA Timing software now makes it possible to use it for other service providers. These 4 years of lead time in a professional environment have created a tool that is practically oriented to the requirements of the show offices. Of course, there are still many ideas and approaches for further development, but equi-score.com has already achieved the status of a mature system that can be integrated stably and smoothly into working with Toris or VOLA.

The main facts


The list itself is really long thats why we pick the key facts to give you a short overview:

  • Support for competitions in jumping, dressage, eventing and driving
  • Extensive possebilites to manage online schedules and competitions
  • Publish start and result list with just a single klick
  • Publishing competitions "live" simultaneously
  • Monitoring and automated uploading
  • Upload of PDF documents (start list, result list, others)
  • Upload of course map
  • User access and permission management
  • Archive and export functions
  • Individual setup for layout and templates
  • Require just a minimum on internet bandwidth (no DSL or UMTS required)

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